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Swifts Creek - AccuVein

We are pleased to share photos from our recent handover at Swifts Creek Bush Nurse Clinic.This particular project spotlights our ability as a small foundation, focused on putting funds where they are needed most and having the organisational flexibility to make it happen. 

Whilst at our lunch stop in Swifts Creek, Andrew Ward had the honour of meeting Susan from Swifts Creek Bush Nurse Clinic. After understanding the needs they faced at the clinic, we were able to donate an AccuVein, a vital piece of equipment to help children and the greater community.KidzFix have had the privilege of donating this particular piece of equipment to other health services in the past, but for those not familiar, AccuVein is a simple, safe solution that can increase vein assessment proficiency, help avoid patient IV complications, and address clinical and operational priorities.

Clinicians can see veins, valves, and bifurcations not visible to the naked eye, leading to better-informed site assessment decisions, improved needle/catheter placement, and enhanced patient care. ​

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