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About KidzFix



Our small foundation is dedicated to supporting sick and disadvantaged Aussie kids.

Our vision is to create a legacy of community support that is highly visible in the changes we make. 

Our focus is on smaller organisations and communities where we can have the biggest impact.

Our Story

KidzFix Rally is about giving back to others in need. As part of our journey around Australia we aim to change the lives of sick and disadvantaged children.

We are all motivated by different things. You might have or know a child who has experienced a serious illness/incident or for others it might be about ensuring there are support services and appropriate medical facilities available should there ever be a need in their family. And for some, its the simple fact that children deserve the right to be kids, less worry and more play so whatever we can provide through our fundraising effort to make their lives more enjoyable is worth contributing to.

Whatever your motivation, you can be guaranteed that raising funds through KidzFix will make a difference in the lives of children around Australia as well as your own.


What makes raising money through KidzFix Rally so special?

We are about making a real and measurable difference to childrens lives. As such, you will be able to see and experience the benefits of all your hard fundraising activities. Whether it be on the driving adventure or throughout the year we will give you a chance to experience the real and sustainable difference you are making to the lives of the children we support.  By raising money before you start the driving adventure, we will be able to join in the celebration of giving along the way.

KidzFix is a public ancillary fund governed by a Propriety Limited company. It is a not for profit organisation established to support sick and disadvantaged children in Australia. This is done through fundraising activities conducted in conjunction the with annual KidzFix Rally.


Rally Organising Team

The Course Director is Craig Moffitt. Craig has been involved in driving events of this nature for over 30 years. Craig's role is to ensure the event is run with maximum safety in mind whilst providing you with your fix of fantastic Australian dirt roads.

Craig will manage our skilled team of officials to ensure the smooth running of driving sections each day. Craig will also be there to brief you each morning on the days driving. He will ensure everyone is clear on the driving instructions and safety requirements are adhered to. He is your go to man on all things scrutineering, advice on preparing your car etc.


Our Event Management team is 2em Pty Ltd. Candice and Heidi have over 21 years experience in event management and logistics. Their role is to ensure you start the day with a full belly to get you to lunch in time for a hearty lunch. Dinner time is time to relax and have a laugh with your friends, old and new. We will make sure you are fed, watered and entertained. When your day is done, you'll need somewhere to rest your head and 2em will give you a heads up on accommodation options too.

2em also has extensive fundraising experience, so they will be there to lend you a hand as you work hard to raise much needed funds for Aussie kids.

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