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All you need to know about Rally

What to Expect on the Road

Our course director takes great care to ensure your week on the road is safe and as diverse as possible. With 80% of the course designed on dirt and off the beaten track, we will experience roads and destinations like never before. From the coast the the wild West, Kidzfix has it all!


Kidzfix rally is designed around route notes. Whilst not a race, we use rally notes in order to give you a fun adventure on the road. For this reason, it is important that each car has not only a driver, but a competent navigator who's job will be to instruct you, ensuring you arrive at your destination for lunch, dinner and fun stops in between. All new entrants will be given a new driver briefing prior to setting off, to ensure you understand the route notes and are confident to get behind the wheel.

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Vehicle Specifications

Want to join the rally but not sure what's involved? Check out our comprehensive list of vehicle specifications. This document has all you need to know about getting your wheels on the road. These specifications have been designed to keep you moving throughout the week, with maximum safety and minimum time dealing with repairs.

We are here to help too. If you have questions regarding these details or need some advice on a car you're looking to purchase, get in contact and we'll be happy to chat through the details with you.

Click here to view our Vehicle Specifications document

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Fun with Fundraising

Part of your commitment to the rally is of course, is fundraising! By signing up for rally, you commit to raising $4,500 per vehicle entered. This money goes towards our annual projects, supporting sick kids and their families. 


Fundraising can be as complex or simple as time permits. From elaborate fundraising events to donations from friends and local businesses. Whatever you're comfortable with, we can offer advice and support to help you get to your fundraising goal.

Once you sign up, you will be given exclusive access to you 'Entrants Only' page. This page houses all the valuable resources you need to get your fundraising off the a cracking start.


What to Expect off the Road

By the time September comes and we get on the road, its all about having an awesome time with your mates. All your fundraising is done, so once you hit the road, there's no need to put your hand in your pocket for further fundraising, unless of course you'd like too.

We take care of all your meals from delicious outdoor breakfasts, through to lunches with locals and delicious dinners in the best venues the town has to offer. All this is covered by your meal money. Just $600 per person for the week and we have you covered. Drinks are additional throughout the day and evening meals.

Accommodation recommendations will be given to you once our S.E.E Survey is complete. These are accommodation options housing our official team and a couple of other suggestions close to the dinner venue. These are merely suggestions to help you organise yourself. Accommodation bookings and payment will need to be done by you.

Another fun and unique part of KidzFix Rally is our Mystery Night. This is one night of the week where we keep your evening destination a secret. It's just a bit of fun to keep you guessing along the way. Accommodation for this night is usually priced at around $35 - $45 per person and will be collected upon check in to rally. Accommodation is shared with your team mates and can be anything from bunk beds to tee pees!


Theme nights are also apart of the week away. There will be two to three theme nights where you will be encourage to get into the spirit of things. Whilst dress up is always optional, it's a case of 'whilst in Rome', so get involved! 

We are all about giving you the best week away possible, so above all else, bring a fun loving attitude and be ready to get involved and have a laugh along the way.

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