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2022 Project Update - A Taste of Paradise Farm

We are excited to update you on the progress of the construction of our outdoor kitchen. With the generous support of your organisation this year, we have commenced the long-dreamed project. 

The proposal was to build a facility that would enable the disadvantaged or at-risk young people referred to our program to learn to cook with the certified organic produce from our vegetable gardens that they have been involved propagating from seed and planting. Our aim is to promote healthy food options to try and offset the common dependency on a diet of fast food.

In addition to the cooking and presentation of clean green food, we took the opportunity to involve the young people who could benefit from the building and construction experience by working alongside our carpenter/builder mentor. The reality of any of the building projects we undertake with young people, is that it can be a slow process which greatly extends the completion date due to irregular attendance and dysfunctional behaviours, often as a consequence of early childhood trauma. The construction process has been very engaging for several of our young people with lots of measuring as well as the excitement of contributing to the project.

This facility will also be used in catering for our Community Open Mornings, used to strengthen our connection with our local community and showcase the farm and the outcomes we seek with young people.

Presently, the drainage has been installed, concrete floor and foundations are complete, the built-in BBQ has been purchased, and the blockwork is gradually being laid, which will eventually include a pizza oven. As soon as the walls are complete (now nearly to the top), the roof construction will commence.

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