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Team Shoalhaven had the pleasure of presenting the

project to Shoalhaven Hospital on 15 November and the equipment has been put to use straight away! 

"Ross, we really appreciated the visit and it was lovely to put a face to the emails. It was extra special that we got to met some other members of the KidzFix team. Our whole team is so genuinely excited for the Airvo 3 for so many of its amazing features. The machines have a proven positive outcome on patients with a number of respiratory conditions, including reducing the likelihood of deterioration which results in local families having to be transferred to big tertiary hospitals in Sydney and decreases the length of stay in hospital. This particular version has an internal battery which prevents children getting more unwell being moved around the hospital for X-RAY or between the Emergency department and our ward. It also allows us to give a wider range of treatment and support options. Please thank your team on behalf of our Paediatric Team."

Amanda Anderson

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