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2018 Projects Announced

KidzFix Foundation has confirmed 4 extremely important Projects for 2018.

Project 1 - Dental Outreach Program - $47,500

The funding of a complete portable dental setup to enable the operation for a totally new dental outreach team; resulting in an increase of dental treatment to an additional 45 sites and 2,020 children living in rural and remote communities across South Australia, that have no dental access in their areas.

Project 2 - Lucas Gardens School - $19,000

Lucas Gardens School is a K-12 school that caters for children with severe to moderate disabilities. An increase in students with vision impairments, autism and sensory processing disorders, has created an urgent need to transform 2 classrooms into “readiness to learn spaces”.

Project 3 - Latrobe Regional Hospital - $38,000

The purchase of a Neonatal Infa Warmer Resuscitation Trolley for the Paediatric Emergency Department. This trolley is used to assess and stabilise the infant’s body temperature and assists with management of vital signs if resuscitation is required.

The infa warmer has a pre-heated mattress to increase body temperature and assists to maintain correct body temperature to seriously ill infants. The inbuilt CPR timer helps determine appropriate timing and evaluation of resuscitation. A pressure dispersion mattress and baby guard are added features to enable ease of transport to theatre.

Project 4 - Shoalhaven Hospital - $18,075

The purchase of a Phillips Monitor for the Paediatric Emergency department at Shoalhaven Hospital. The monitor will allow for constant monitoring of oxygen levels, blood pressure, electrocardiogram etc. Helping to care efficiently and gently to sick children in emergency.

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