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Western NSW Health District

KidzFix has delivered much needed equipment for Dubbo Base Hospital and Western NSW Local Health District, a division of NSW Health to the value of $88,000.

With Western NSW Local Health District covering some 51% of the state and based out of Dubbo, it manages over 30 hospitals so our assistance will make a huge difference to many kids, families and communities, some we passed through on route.

Rather than one large project that may limit access for many children by the remote nature of much of Western Area Health, there are multiple smaller items on the list to provide a positive impact for more children. This donation has assisted kids to receive timely, less invasive treatments and all the while keeping them at home and not having to travel to the big cities away from family and support in what is a difficult time in their lives.

2017 Projects

10 NeoPuff Paediatric Ventilation units to be placed strategically throughout Western NSW Health District.

Dubbo Specialist Care within the paediatric unit of Dubbo Base Hospital will receive a Bilbi Therapy Lights (Bilbiblankets) for Jaundice kids and a parent bed chair for a parent or Guardian to sleep along side kids when they have to be in overnight for treatment.

A Veinviewer for Dubbo Base Hospital. This equipment allows staff to view veins easily, a bit like a torch to see veins. Especially helpful with little ones when administering needles and cannulas, instead of turning them into pincushions hoping to hit the mark.

The purchase of a humidified CPAP circuit to be used in the Paediatric and Neo-Natal department of Shoalhaven District Hospital.

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