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Latrobe Regional Hospital - Blanket Warmer

Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH) is the major referral hospital for the Gippsland region. The hospital is currently undergoing an expansion, which will feature a new emergency department (ED) with a separate treatment area for paediatric admissions. As we know, hospitals can be a daunting place for children, so the addition of a specialist treatment area will enable the hospital to provide better patient experiences to children. Given the expansion, the hospital needs new supplies and equipment. The government does not fund these supplies or equipment and of course…that’s where we come in! One critical item of equipment in the new paediatric ED is a blanket warmer. Whilst this might seem like a trivial piece of equipment to have, the difference it can make to children and babies in the ED is invaluable. Blanket warmers improve recovery time by efficiently warming patients from admission to discharge. In addition to this important benefit, children and babies often feel chilled when sick, so the addition of the blanket warmer provides a measure of comfort for the child, which goes along way to calming a sick child. The purchase of a blanket warmer will assist emergency staff at LRH to provide quality patient care to children and babies in their community and surrounds.

We are thrilled to be able to provide a blanket warmer to the paediatric area of the ED in Latrobe Regional Hospital and are very excited to support this project in a community that is close to our hearts.

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