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Gympie Hospital - Palliative Care Bed

Hear the full story from Lyn below as she shares the full scoop from the bed presentation in Gympie this month.

'It was such a privilege for Michelle, Dave and I to visit the Children’s Ward at Gympie Hospital on 2 June 2016, where we presented a VersaCare bed for use not only by palliative children, as initially purchased, but also for any children who are considered to benefit from the special features that the bed provides. The bed had been in use in the Children’s Ward for one month by the time we presented it, and we were really happy to hear the story of a 16-year-old tall adolescent who was an Orthopaedic patient, who had greatly benefited from it. One of the features of the bed is that it can be electronically lengthened or shortened to suit the child using it, and the 16-year-old was much more comfortable than if he was in a normal hospital bed, for which he was too tall. In addition, the bed has the facility for x-ray film to be placed under the bed, which allows for x-rays to be taken of a child without the child having to be moved. The mattress also allows for areas to be inflated or deflated, which minimises the need for children to be turned and therefore prevents them from suffering from bed sores. The Nursing Unit Manager was thrilled to show Michelle, Dave and I the bed and its features, which were very well explained by the Senior Nurse on duty. The Nursing staff emphasised how beneficial the bed is to the staff as well as to the patients. They could not thank KidzFix enough for providing the VersaCare bed to the Children’s Ward. Consequently, they want us to pass on their thanks to all the KidzFix participants and their donors for providing the funding ($13,500.00) for this project. On a last note, the media presence for the presentation was great. We were interviewed, filmed and photographed by the Gympie Times, Channel 7 and Channel 9, and the story of KidzFix’s donation of the bed was subsequently widely portrayed in the local media on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and surrounding regions.' Thanks Lyn, Michelle and Dave for sharing the experience with us all.

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