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Bendigo Health Project

KidzFix will provide funding to establish paediatric and neonatal telehealth clinics from Bendigo Health to Echuca Regional Health and Swan Hill District Health. Bendigo Health Clinical Director of Paediatrics, Andy Lovett said the project will help better support regional clinicians and facilitate care for paediatric patients closer to home.

“Paediatric telehealth enables health care professionals to quickly assess children and initiative appropriate treatment. Being able to ‘see’ a child is essential in a discipline where the patient is not always able to describe symptoms.

“There are significant potential benefits of the project for Echuca Regional Health and Swan Hill District Health and families in the local community. It will result in less paediatric patient transfers and more children being cared for in their community with families around them and less emotional and financial stress. Estimated cost of the project is $80,000

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