Meet Our Directors

David Ward

Managing Director (Car - Two Dads)

The idea of team Team Two Dads came about when I discovered the KidzFix Foundation and their fundraising for NETS back in 2014. Following the premature birth of our son Lucas in May 2009 at just 28 weeks gestation, my wife Camilla and I and our daughter Olivia were touched by the vital services of NETS through the emergency transfer of Lucas from Dubbo Base Hospital to the NICU at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.  We received the best care possible at Dubbo when Lucas was born he was just so tiny, weighing just over one kilogram and for our little man to have every chance, we had to get him to NICU as quickly as possible. Lucas is now an unstoppable boy full of life and laughter and we’re so grateful to NETS.


My co-driver Derek Blomfield had a very similar experience with the birth of his son Pat so it was meant to be that Team Two Dads raised over $23,000 in 2015 towards a new NETS Ambulance for the South Coast of NSW and we want to keep going helping families and communities when situations like ours arise.


I put my hand up to help more and am now a director of Kidzfix fiercely proud of the work we do, the adventures we have in some of the most amazing parts of Australia and the funds we raise let alone the great people involved in the Kidzfix Foundation.


M: 0427 919572


Craig Moffitt

Director (Car OV1, Course Director)

Craig Moffitt joins KidzFix Board with more than 20 years involvement in charity rallies as an entrant and the last three years as Course Director for the KidzFix Rally.


Course Director or “Road Boss” spends the months prior to the event, setting the towns to be visited and carrying out the first survey to establish the roads to be used on the course.  The course uses primarily secondary and minor council roads, with the occasional deviation into forestry and private roads, which link between overnight stops and meal venues.  The course wanders into unusual areas, and picks up interesting attractions. As a long term local government engineer in NSW, Craig knows his way around the backblocks.  


During the first survey, Craig and his assistant establish a set of directions which form the basis of the entrants navigational guidance during the Rally.


Close to the event, Craig reruns the course to check on road condition and accuracy of the route notes to ensure the event is uninterrupted as is possible.  In 2015 a land slide in the Snowy River Valley within a week of the event saw a redirection of the event for a long section to cross the mountains east to west using an alternate route.

M: 0428 695 631


Alex Lumsden

Director (Car OV3)

Alex started on rally in 2009 in a 1978 UC Torana, which was lovingly retired by a minor disagreement with a brick wall in his second rally. Since then his chariot has been a VH Commodore Wagon, affectionately dubbed “The Tub of Butter”, he has spent time as an official, and this year was honoured to accept a nomination as a director of the Foundation. The main motivation to start on rally for Alex was the cars, the roads, the socialising, it wasn’t until the inaugural KidzFix rally in 2013, when we began to be able to see the difference our fundraising was making with our on route projects that the focus turned towards the kids, and that’s where it’s stayed. 


Alex is now a Director of Kidzfix and specialises in Media and PR, however if you have any questions or feedback about any aspect of the event or the Foundation itself, feel free to contact Alex on any of the contact details below. 

M: 0400486516


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Meet the Committee

Mitch Burgess

Car OV2

With coming into my 15th year of being involved in these motoring events, i only hope to continue to add to, and help build such a great foundation and grow with KidzFix, passing on the enthusiasm and knowledge i have learnt from the many great friends and family.


I love seeing the direct impact of where KidzFixs hard work and fun times has on the kids we do the rally for!


M: 0434 942 941

Katherine Pryde

Team Numurkah

Growing up in a rural family, and after watching my dad on Rally, seeing the joy KidzFix brought to kids, and massive changes to rural communities, I knew I needed to get involved. My skills are not in driving, however I spend 12 months in the background making sure Team Numurkah are ready. From helping at fundraisers, to making sure paperwork is in order - I love that I can contribute in my own way to the amazing work KidzFix does, helping sick and disadvantaged kids across Australia. I’m so excited to step up to a committee role this year, and increase my contribution outside of Team Numurkah!


M: 0477 037 220

Joe Zeidan

Car 17

M: 0418 645 871


Tony Emery


M: 0411 691 949


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