KidzFix Rally 2020

2020 Route


A new NSW/VIC based route will be announced as soon as possible.

KidzFix Rally 2020



Due to the current pandemic facing our world, we, like many others have been forced to rethink the way we do things this year, and as such, there will be changes to the 2020 rally.

Further to the recent information delivered through our newsletter and Facebook video message, here are the key things we can tell you right now;

  • Is the 2020 Rally cancelled? Not at this stage! We hope to see you on the road in September, but we will keep you posted if Rally cannot proceed at all for 2020. 

  • KidzFix Rally 2020 Route change: Due to the current border closures across the country, Kidzfix Rally 2020 will not be going to QLD in 2020. We are working through a NSW/VIC option right now, but this could change as we continue to monitor advice from the government.

  • What is happening with the 2020 Projects? We acknowledge that the fundraising landscape is a very difficult one right now. We also know we have KidzFix family members that have been personally and financially impacted by COVID-19. Therefore, we have made the tough decision to extend our projects to be completed by 2021. This has been a difficult decision as we know there are families out there in need and those needs don't go away because of situations like COVID-19, but we have to set realistic expectations for the recipients of these grants, so they too can plan ahead.

  • Will the minimum fundraising still apply for 2020? The minimum fundraising amount for the 2020 Rally has been reduced, as we understand the challenges this environment brings. We are yet to reach a decision on the final figure, but will keep you updated.

  • If the 2020 Rally gets cancelled, what will happen to money I have already fundraised? As our projects will now be delivered over a 2 year period, this money will be transferred  to the 2021 event. If you do not register to participate in the 2021 rally, you will still be acknowledged for your fundraising total.

  • Already registered for Rally 2020? Your registration is still valid for the new route for 2020. Should the event be cancelled completely, your meal money will be transferred to the 2021 Rally unless you request otherwise.

We understand this is a very difficult time for many. If you need to reach out or have any further questions, please contact us at

We are here to support you and help keep you connected to the KidzFix community during these challenging times.

Please check in regularly for new updates.

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